10 reasons why you should take high quality probiotics daily

10 reasons why you should take high quality probiotics daily

Millions of micro-organisms allocate within your body. In a study it was estimated that almost 100 trillion bacteria resides within a gut of human. And in adults the ratio of micro-organisms and cell is 10:1, which means that microorganisms are outnumbered in adults as compared to the human cells. These bacteria, also known as gut flora, can affect your health in different ways like pulling out the energy from your food to developing the immunity system of a human body to guarding your body against the harmful bacteria. It helps you in many ways.

Here are 10 reasons which will tell you that why should you take high quality probiotics in your daily meals. You can take it through your diet or through supplements to stay healthy and to get benefit from them.

  • Good immune function:

80% of the immune system resides where our digestive tract is. Pathogenic bacteria are produced due to unhealthy gut which discharges toxins into the system. Due to these toxins our immune system works harder. To keep a balance between good and bad bacteria probiotics are needed.

  • Disease Prevention:

Probiotics helps in the prevention of many diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, Cohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome etc. Blood pressure is also improved by the use of these probiotics.

  • Probiotics may reduce estrogen dominance:

Excess nitrogen is passed out with the fecal matter when the bowl transit is normal. Due the constipation when fecal matter remains in the bowel the excess nitrogen is reabsorbed and goes back into circulation. The consumption of probiotics helps in maintaining the balance of bacteria. This helps in proper digestion and it also promotes bowel regularity.

  • Candida Overgrowth:

When the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in imbalanced it causes yeast infections like Candida.

  • Colorectal cancer:

Scientists have discovered that colorectal cancer is reduced if good gut bacteria are used.

  • Unhealthy diet:

Pathogenic bacteria overwhelm the good bacteria when low fiber diet and processed food is consumed. This results in the diminishing of colon function and bowel transit time.

  • GMO’s and Antibiotics:

The good probiotic bacteria are destroyed due to the GMO’S and Antibiotics present in non organic meat and dairy products. So, it is important to take good probiotic.

  • Healthy Skin:

Probiotics are good for healthy skin. They help in the cure of acne, eczema, rosacea and skin aging. Good bacteria also help in the hydration of aging skin and it reduces sun damage and improves fine line and wrinkles.

  • Healthy Weight:

Probiotics helps in maintaining healthy weight. It balances your weight and help you stay healthy.

  • Brain Health:

A study on animals has proved that gut bacteria have an effect on brain and in behavior as well. A study on mice which was linked with depression showed that antibiotics have changes in their brain chemistry.

Supplementing with the food containing probiotic is the best idea for a healthy gut.