Some Important Vitamins for the Better Health of Men

essential vitamins

The normal man must be eating 150% more fruits and 350% more vegetables. The statics of these can be more than discouraging as those are some straggling numbers to look at. In the case of men, this is especially true who just want to begin a healthy lifestyle. You were missing so many essential vitamins in your diet, if you are someone who is trying to maintain a diet of highly processed foods. The good news for all beginners who just start a diet is to consume a wide range of foods which will do most of the work to cover the gap of nutrient deficiencies in the body and fill your body with healthy vitamins that can completely close those gaps.

The secret of most men who lead a healthy lifestyle is that their diet is filled with enough healthy vitamins that are required to fulfill the needs on daily basis. Most of the men miss some key vitamins in their diets on a day-to-day basis especially those who are not focused on a healthy diet. Meals that are unhealthy can usually lead to some serious health risks as they develop vitamin deficiency which is severe enough. Here is the list of some essential vitamins that are essential for a man’s health. Before starting your diet plan make sure that your diet contains all of these vitamins that are healthy especially for men’s health.

Vitamin D:

You are probably not getting enough amount of Vitamin D if you are spending a good amount of time outdoors especially in the sunshine. We all know that sunlight is the great source of Vitamin D and if you have the deficiency of Vitamin D you just need to spend more time under the sunshine to fulfill this deficiency. After your body is in contact with the sun rays, it will naturally manufacture Vitamin in the body but majority ratio of men doesn’t spend enough time outside in contact with the sun rays. Vitamin D is essential for your body, as it helps to balance calcium throughout the body. Deficiency of Vitamin D is a very serious concern and almost 50% of the population is facing this deficiency. The severe deficiency of Vitamin D in the body cause major issues like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart stroke and heart attack.

The good news is, if you don’t have enough time to sit under sunlight for several hours and fulfill this deficiency in your body then you can also use Vitamin D supplements or by eating those foods that contain rich amount of this Vitamin. Foods or supplements that fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin D include cheese, Fatty fish, fortified yogurts, cereals, egg yolks and Vitamin C.

Everyone knows that in order to maintain a healthy immune system, Vitamin C is essential as this can provide men with so many other health benefits which cannot be ignored. For the health and growth of your muscles, skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, gums and especially cell membranes, Vitamin C is essential. During cold and flu season, make sure to get your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C and to keep your body healthy all year round, you should start upping the intake of this Vitamin on daily basis. Vitamin C has to be replenished on daily basis because it is a water-soluble vitamin. As the vitamins are flushed out from your system every day so your body does not store any water-soluble vitamins in the body for a long time. Vitamin C thankfully found in so many foods like oranges, broccoli, dark leafy greens, etc.

Vitamin B12:

This vitamin is essential for the healthy functioning of your nervous system as it helps to stave off your memory loss as you are getting older. Don’t need to worry about getting an adequate amount of Vitamin D12 on a daily basis but still make sure that you are getting enough amount of this Vitamin just because of its importance and health benefits of the body. However, men who are vegans and vegetarians will find difficult to get an adequate amount of this vitamin in their body, because most of the sources of Vitamin B12 come from nuts, fruits and from vegetables.

Luckily the recommended amount of Vitamin B12 on a daily basis is only 2.4 mcg. This small amount of B12 can easily be found in only one serving of fortified breakfast cereal and if you are not a fan of cereal then you can take other foods that contain this Vitamin. Foods that contain Vitamin B12 are shrimp, salmon, chicken, beef, egg, clams, cheese milk and Niacin.

Vitamin B3:

High cholesterol is another major problem among most men as they get older. Make sure that your diet contains ample amount of niacin, known as Vitamin B3, if you are looking for some ways to keep your cholesterol in check naturally. In order to stay healthy, it’s important to keep your cholesterol level in check.

Niacin is beneficial for treating circulation problems, reducing bad cholesterol, dizziness, and migraines. For most of the men, it’s an easy task to get enough amount of Vitamin B3 through their diet. This vitamin can also easily be substituted through a daily multivitamin. To get Vitamin B3 through natural resources add a good amount of meats, whole grains, avocados, nuts, seeds and tomatoes in your diet.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is also an essential vitamin for men as it is beneficial for maintaining eyesight and it also promotes healthy immune system. As this Vitamin is not a widely spoken vitamin, so when it comes to Vitamin A most of you will find that they do not have the deficiency of this Vitamin because this vitamin is easily found in so many foods like carrots, eggs, apricots, sweet potatoes, milk, broccoli, cabbage, and spinach.

You should be getting enough amount of Vitamin A if your diet is filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Some multivitamins also offer a healthy amount of Vitamin A and these multivitamin are for those who has an aversion to vegetables or fruits. In order to keep your immune system and eyes healthy, take multivitamins that are rich in Vitamin A.

Riboflavin – B2:

For the everyday health of men’s, B vitamins are essential as B vitamin category like B2 plays an essential role in the production of energy. This vitamin can aid in blood movement, increase your metabolism and may also help with the tinnitus and migraines.

Riboflavin also needs to be replenished every day as it is a water soluble vitamin like the Vitamin C. This can be easily found in good amount in so many foods like vegetables, meat, and nuts. It is important for men to take a good amount of B2 on a daily basis through supplements and diet especially those who are working towards building muscle mass or going through a growth spurt.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is considered as the most important vitamin in the body as it works with other vitamins and other B-Complex vitamins in the body in order to contribute the overall health of men’s. This vitamin is especially linked to a reduction in a colon cancer rate and it also help to boost your mood. Vitamin B6 can be naturally found in so many foods and its best natural sources are bananas, beef, chicken, potatoes, garbanzo beans, fortified cereals, and grains.

The deficiency of Vitamin B6 shouldn’t be a concern with so many abundance resources of this vitamin in the form of food. However, if you still feel that you are not getting enough Vitamin B6 then purchase a B-complex supplement that on the daily basis will be sufficient to replenish your B6 and other B vitamins.


These are the essential vitamins for men that should not be skipped from your diet if you want to stay fit and healthy. Thankfully all of these vitamins can easily be found through natural resources like in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats. Although, if you still feel that you will not be able to get enough of these vitamins from natural resources and you are suffering from a severe vitamin deficiency then the best advice is to consult your doctor who can give you the best advice and can help you to set up a proper healthy diet.

Your doctor can also recommend you some multi vitamins according to the deficiency of any vitamin in your body that you can get from any local pharmacy. These multivitamins will be enough to fill all those gaps in your body that your diet will leave behind. Men who are well concerned about their health and fitness should take extra care of their diet and make all these essential vitamins a part of their diet. If you are taking all these essential vitamins in your diet on daily basis then you don’t require any other multivitamins. You can stay healthy and fit by focusing a little bit on your diet.