Diet tips when using Steroids

Diet tips when using Steroids

One must keep in mind that if we won’t take proper care of our body it will not grow. To control our body growth we should eat proper diet and if taking steroids one must know everything about the steroids. These steroids don’t do magic on your body, they have some pros as well as cons. So, before taking steroids you must know the details of that specific steroid and its effects on your body.

Protein is the most important thing to build our muscles. The importance of protein in our body is as high as the importance of bricks while building a house. Most of our body is build up of proteins and water. Most steroids contain protein in it so we must take at least 3g per 1kg of the body weight daily to maximize the results. Best protein sources are white meat, eggs, red meat, milk products, protein shakes.

Carbohydrates are also one of the most important things that our body requires. They provide us energy. And we need energy so we could workout harder and longer. These carbohydrates keep us active. At least 4g per 1kg body weight is a must have. If you want to see real gains you can take 5grams carbohydrates per 1kg body weight. When you will see the gains from carbohydrates it will motivate you too work harder and because of the steroid you will manage to work out for a longer period. The best sources for carbohydrates are: brown rice, pasta, grains, bread, fruits and vegetables.

Steroids are testosterones, which increase your hormone level. And hormones increases almost everything in your body like power, endurance, strength, body, fat burning, size and etc. Most people take too much fat that does not give you muscles but only an extra layer of fats on your body. Fats are good for your body only if taken properly. If you are bulking than 1gram per 1kg is enough but if you are cutting then take 0.75g fats per 1kg body weight is more than enough for you. Fats are responsible for building hormones in the body but only the use of healthy fats is good for our body. Best fat sources: meats, peanut butter, vegetables, fruits.

Water is the most important thing that our body requires. Our body is made up to 70% of water. The intake of 6-8 glasses of water per day is very important to stay hydrated.

If you are pushing yourself and you are a serious player don’t forget the use of minerals and vitamins, and to eat fruits and vegetables. These help you stay healthy and save you from cold or maybe flu so you can work harder and achieve more.

After a hard workout make sure you get a long nice sleep for at least 8 hours so that you can boost your energy for next workout and for other things that you might have to do.

Eating healthy is the key to success. If you are eating healthy and taking lots of water than you can see your gains within weeks, and the use of legal steroids will maximize your gains.