The strange link between junk food and depression

The strange link between junk food and depression

Depression is one of the modern diseases and is the biggest burden on the society. In a new study that was published in American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, they found out that our diet may also affect our depression.

Gangswich said that when he was a child he used to eat a lot of candy and he noticed that if he ate a lot of sugar one day, the next day he felt low.

Assistant professor in the psychiatry department, James E. Gangwisch at Coloumbia University wanted to find out that how foods are associated with human’s depression issue.

He and his team started their research by questionnaires. They gave these questions to women who were going through postmenopausal state. Data was collected from almost 70,000 women. The study wasn’t a success in the start because no one suffered from depression. This data was collected in the year between 1994 and 1998. They again started their study after a three year break.

Cardiovascular disease and inflammation are both linked with the development of depression. And the consumption of sugar and refined starches increased the risk of increment in inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

The researchers found that diets higher in glycemicx index which include refined grains and added sugar were associated with higher odds of depression. Foods with low glycemic index have protective effects against developing depression like vegetables, fruits and lactose etc.

Added sugars are strongly associated with depression.

Further research is needed on this study. Gangwisch’s study is still incomplete and he is not sure if the study may include broader group of people. But still to discuss diet with people suffering from depression will be the best thing to do. He says that it may be hard job to do, to stop people eating the food that they love but it’s for their own good, which you have to make them understand.

10 reasons why you should take high quality probiotics daily

10 reasons why you should take high quality probiotics daily

Millions of micro-organisms allocate within your body. In a study it was estimated that almost 100 trillion bacteria resides within a gut of human. And in adults the ratio of micro-organisms and cell is 10:1, which means that microorganisms are outnumbered in adults as compared to the human cells. These bacteria, also known as gut flora, can affect your health in different ways like pulling out the energy from your food to developing the immunity system of a human body to guarding your body against the harmful bacteria. It helps you in many ways.

Here are 10 reasons which will tell you that why should you take high quality probiotics in your daily meals. You can take it through your diet or through supplements to stay healthy and to get benefit from them.

  • Good immune function:

80% of the immune system resides where our digestive tract is. Pathogenic bacteria are produced due to unhealthy gut which discharges toxins into the system. Due to these toxins our immune system works harder. To keep a balance between good and bad bacteria probiotics are needed.

  • Disease Prevention:

Probiotics helps in the prevention of many diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, Cohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome etc. Blood pressure is also improved by the use of these probiotics.

  • Probiotics may reduce estrogen dominance:

Excess nitrogen is passed out with the fecal matter when the bowl transit is normal. Due the constipation when fecal matter remains in the bowel the excess nitrogen is reabsorbed and goes back into circulation. The consumption of probiotics helps in maintaining the balance of bacteria. This helps in proper digestion and it also promotes bowel regularity.

  • Candida Overgrowth:

When the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in imbalanced it causes yeast infections like Candida.

  • Colorectal cancer:

Scientists have discovered that colorectal cancer is reduced if good gut bacteria are used.

  • Unhealthy diet:

Pathogenic bacteria overwhelm the good bacteria when low fiber diet and processed food is consumed. This results in the diminishing of colon function and bowel transit time.

  • GMO’s and Antibiotics:

The good probiotic bacteria are destroyed due to the GMO’S and Antibiotics present in non organic meat and dairy products. So, it is important to take good probiotic.

  • Healthy Skin:

Probiotics are good for healthy skin. They help in the cure of acne, eczema, rosacea and skin aging. Good bacteria also help in the hydration of aging skin and it reduces sun damage and improves fine line and wrinkles.

  • Healthy Weight:

Probiotics helps in maintaining healthy weight. It balances your weight and help you stay healthy.

  • Brain Health:

A study on animals has proved that gut bacteria have an effect on brain and in behavior as well. A study on mice which was linked with depression showed that antibiotics have changes in their brain chemistry.

Supplementing with the food containing probiotic is the best idea for a healthy gut.



The Next Chapter in the Aspartame’s Dangerous History is Re-Branding of Aspartame as AminoSweet

The Next Chapter in the Aspartame’s Dangerous History is Re-Branding of Aspartame as AminoSweet

In most of your favorite foods, you may be disguised by a new name of Aspartame and that is AminoSweet. This is the totally new name of Aspartame and most of the people aren’t aware of that name. They have been using the old name but they must have a look at the newer version of Aspartame.

As far as the history of Aspartame is concerned, it is studied by the researchers that once James Schlatter, a chemist was conducting an experiment and he accidently found Aspartame. In that experiment, Aspartame was created and discovered by the chemist. When an analysis was done on the Aspartame it was seen that it can be used as an Anti-ulcer drug. Thus, this drug became famous and was sold at certain prices.

James Schlatter also conducted another experiment on the Aspartame. He when mixed Aspartic Acid with Phenylalanine, he discovered that these two amino acids react to form another compound that is sweet in taste. It was that time when the companies start to change the FDA approval application of Aspartame from the drug and started using it as the food additive and Voila.

In 1973, the Health Freedom Alliance notes G.D Searle and the Company gave its first presentation by presenting its first petition to the FDA. They fought for many years to achieve the approval of FDA and they even submitted the FDA their deceptive and inadequate studies to get their approval.

The company was finally succeeded to convince the FDA to get its approval regarding the Aspartame to be used commercially in few products of 1974, despite the various objections. Though the company got the approval to make Aspartame a commercial product but this approval ignited a blaze of controversies.

The approval from the FDA was gained in 1981 as the artificial sweetener aspartame, and it was for good reason, perhaps the most hotly contested FDA approval in the history. The people’s health has been destroyed by the toxic additive silently ever since its approval.

The Aspartame and AminoSweet are actually exactly the same. The name was changed to trick the public as said by some of the health advocates. There are three separate chemicals in the Aspartame and that are Phenylalanine, Aspartic acid and methanol. The advocate and the author of Prescription for the Nutritional Healing, Phyllis Balch categorized the Aspartame as the “Chemical Poison”

As reported to the FDA, Aspartame accounts for the 75% of the adverse reactions to the food additives. Aspartame is linked with the following symptoms and diseases, aside from tumors and cancers by the top researchers.

  • Memory Loss
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Vision Loss
  • ADD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

Changing the name of Aspartame that is memorable and appealing may be problematic for some people. Such as the Ajinomoto’s own word, some of the people will hoodwink it and some will reject it as this is just nothing more than a clever market tactic that is done for a desperate attempt in order to preserve the multi-billion dollar cash cows of the company. You should not be deceived by this but take this in a positive way. Try to focus on the positive aspects and the positive benefits that the AminoSweet has been providing you. You will be surely able to enjoy the amazing and effective results of the Aspartame as far as you start focusing on the positive use of the Aspartame.