Here is how you can build muscle while getting a leaner body!

Here is how you can build muscle while getting a leaner body!

One of the hardest and most difficult things a person has to go through is the phase where you are trying your best to build somebody muscles while training to also burn some fat and lose weight. Even while most people are prone to believe this is quite impossible, we have all the reasons to believe this is not the case as it most definitely is possible.

It may be very difficult and will most probably require your courage more than ever, but it is not impossible. If you are willing to go through with this, it is very essential that you first realize the whole mechanism and its complexity. That is you should know how your body loses fat or gains muscle mass. As the process involved in shedding fat is easier to grasp, we would be starting with it first.

How does our body work to shed extra fat?

It probably happened to you a million times when your question of how to get thin got answered by “stop eating that much” by some mean girls. But little did you know, they were being quite honest. This is the simplest and most honest answer to how to lose the extra fat. You need to balance your diet and meet your nutritional needs in a way that by the end of the day you have taken in fewer calories than you have burnt.

The question is how you can make sure that you are ingesting less than what you are burning? You need to count each calorie as you eat it and make sure that you burn more than the total amount. If in the end, you realize that you were not able to burn the calories you took in then you may be in danger as those calories are going to show themselves as extra fat.

Nowadays it has become very easier to keep track of what you are eating with the help of multiple mobile applications available to help you count your calories. You can also add in the number of calories you have burned through the day to know how deep you are in the mud. Now the question arises if there is any other way other than eating less and starving yourself.

Is eating less the only option to lose weight?

That is so not true. To lose weight, you need to maintain the balance between your calorie intake and the number of calories you are burning. If, for instance, you cannot take fewer calories than you already are than it is probably because you are not burning them enough.

This means you need to up your game on the training side and burn more calories instead of trying to starve yourself. You need to train harder and exercise more to get towards your body goals. Now that we know the two ways that can help us reduce the extra weight, we can move on to understand what goes on in our body when we start the journey towards weight loss.

What goes on in our body when we are taking fewer calories?

Our body has compensatory mechanisms for everything we do wrong. So in case, it does not get enough calories, our body starts the compensatory mechanisms to change the whole scenario. The calories we take are the energy providers for all the activities we do in a day. From breathing to sleeping, from eating to running, every task requires the energy that we gain through the calories we ingest.

In case there are fewer calories in our body, our body starts to find the extra fat to provide us with the energy source. If we continue this for months, the result comes in shape of less fat around the body and a leaner physique.

How taking fewer calories affect the muscle build up?

As soon as our body gets the message that it has fewer calories to work through the day it starts to compensate by reducing the number of products that can be helpful for muscle build up. The very first product is the anabolic hormones that are essentially needed in our body for muscle growth but in their absence, it becomes way too hard to gain muscles.

After our body has decreased the production of anabolic hormones, it starts to affect the protein synthesis as well. Protein synthesis is the process through which protein is made in our body and when our body realizes it does not have enough energy, it also lacks up on this and reduces protein production.

Proteins are the basic component of our muscles and so this affects the muscle build up negatively as well. But gratefully, there is a way to help with this situation and increase the muscle gain while getting leaner instead of reducing it.

Planning your diet to increase muscle build up while reducing body weight:

Now that we have a clear understanding of how we can lose weight by either taking fewer calories or burning more of them, we can focus on the food itself. To make the matters really clear, we need to understand the requirement of our body and the kind of nutrients it desperately needs to get going.

For instance, protein is one nutrient that you need in bulk amount for muscle build up as without proteins you have absolutely no hope. But it does not mean you can lack up upon carbohydrates or the good kind of fat. You need to take them all together in right proportions to produce the most and best effects in your body. This all can be done when you sit tight and make a proper diet plan with the help of internet or a proper dietary physician.

Frequency or quantity of food?

Many people have beliefs that if you are eating four to five times in a day then it can result in your gaining weight or getting fat. But this is a misconception or more of a myth than anything else. In fact, what really matters in your diet is not the frequency of your eating habits but the actual quantity. This means if you are taking small portions of food at small intervals than you are more prone to lose weight than when you are taking one or two meals in a diet plan with large portions. This is one important point that you have to keep in mind when planning your diet plans.

How to build the body muscles:

Our body is made up of many complicated and difficult systems out of which the worst one is the musculoskeletal system. The muscles are the basic reason why we can move around or even twitch our little finger. But we are not here to talk about the advantages of muscles instead we can talk about how every trainer in this world is trying and hoping to get a bigger body by increasing their muscle mass and size.

We need to have the better understanding of the whole process that finally leads us through towards our end results. Muscles are made up of proteins and proteins are made by the joining of small elements called amino acids. We need as much protein and amino acids as we can get to produce muscle mass.

In a normal and healthy body, our muscles are made of the best quality and they do not increase in muscle with every protein intake because their structure is complete. If we want to increase the muscle mass we want to alter that structure and add more protein to it. The training we do, the exercises routine we make our muscle go through tears are muscles and damages their structure.

This is why you feel terrible pain the next of exercise. When those muscle structures get to rebuild and repaired, they add up the extra protein we are taking to make the structure stronger and less prone to damage. This is how you increase muscle mass. This proves that exercising vigorously and taking a high protein diet is the only way to increase your muscle mass and get the bulkier body.

The best exercises that can help you reach your goal faster than ever:

When a person has no knowledge about training and exercising they start all wrong with the process. They feel like simple warm-up followed by a walk or a jog can help them on their journey while others contradict that cardio is essential to lose body fat and gain muscle.

All the before mentioned things can help but they are never enough to stimulate your muscles to get bulky. Instead, you require a group of exercises done together to make a certain change in your physique. This is when you start getting creative and work out by combining different difficult exercises into one and make a compound exercise.

For example, you can start by weightlifting in a manner that can be better than simple weight lifting, you can make it compound to help with muscle growth and toning. Some people have their favorite Squats in each routine as a simple squat can help with targeting many muscles at once from your arms to legs to your hips to fat tummy.

Bench presses are another example of compound exercise. Compound exercises are simply the exercises that can help you target a lot of muscles at once instead of one muscle at a time like deadlifts or military presses. This is how you can reach your goal body faster than ever with comparatively less effort and in less time. What compound exercises require most are the proper warm ups before each session followed by the cool down after each session. This is essential to protect the integrity of your muscles. If you are a beginner that it is essential that you take it slow and ease yourself into exercising or weight lifting instead of pushing yourself too hard. Never push so hard that you injure or hurt yourself in return. Your body also only repairs itself when you rest so make sure you are following a proper sleeping pattern as well.

What else can help you enhance the muscle growth?

Sometimes even when you are doing all you can and you are giving your 110% best to training and exercising, it is not enough to show you the results you were expecting when you first planned it out.

Following strict high protein diet is also sometimes just not good enough. This is when you need the additional help from the steroids. Legal steroids are available in the market that can act as the catalyst for your muscle growth and production.

A simple diet plan and exercise can only help you to a limit. The main advantage is that with the use of legal steroids you can gain the leaner muscle mass without gaining or putting on too much weight or extra fat. What else can a person want? There are various companies producing products that are helping people grow muscles like crazy bulk and more. Some of the best products available from crazy bulk that are popular are d-bal, anvarol, and trenorol.


It is difficult to achieve a leaner body while you are trying to build your muscles as well but it is definitely not impossible. You can achieve your required body weight by taking in fewer calories than you are burning and maintaining a proper diet in which you are taking more proteins and fewer fats to help your muscle growth.

Taking some legal steroids can also help enhance your results and also enable you to reach your results faster than ever. Some legal steroids from crazy bulk can also help you lose extra fat while it helps in gaining leaner muscles. You are also required to up your exercise and training game by being creative enough to join some simple exercises and making them more effective compound ones to help you with muscle gain. All this could help you reach your body goals in no amount of time.

A Powerlifting Guide for the Beginners

A Powerlifting Guide for the Beginners

The simple objective of powerlifting is to lift as many weights as possible for you. If you want to learn more about benefits and the proper techniques of weight lifting then today is your lucky day because we are going to discuss a powerlifting guide for the beginners. Discover the proper techniques of power lifting and its benefits by reading this article and also try them all.

What is meant by powerlifting?

If not to be confused with the Olympic lifting, Powerlifting is a sport in which an individual tries to pull a maximum squat, bench press exercises, and one-rep weight in the deadlifts. During a competition, for each of the exercise, the competitor is allowed at least three chances at their one rep maximum which simply means that all you have to do is to complete a total of nine lifts. However, powerlifting is about more than competitions. Instead of using the training techniques in order to maximize their power, strength and physique, in fact, not all of the powerlifters can compete.

The Basics of Power Lifting:

Just in one week, a typical routine of power lifting can bore down into four different training sessions in which two sessions of it focuses on the deadlift and squat and the other two sessions focus on bench presses. These sessions are further divided into maximum effort days and in dynamic effort days. There is a purpose of giving them in these sessions as a maximum effort day is all about lifting very heavy weights and to achieve maximum strength while the dynamic effort day focuses on just explosively lifting the weight.

During the powerlifting training sessions, one of the most important aspects of the power lifters is to focus more on the weak points of the lifter. The main purpose of these training sessions by the power lifters is to iron out any kind of weaknesses in the movements of their lifts like during the bench presses the ability to lock out elbows. By working on these weaknesses during the training sessions ensures that when the time of competition comes, the competitor will be able to pull their heaviest weights easily also without any type of flaws in techniques to hold them back.

Advantages of Power Lifting:

In order to get the maximum benefit from powerlifting training techniques, you don’t have to be a powerlifting competitor. Here are the most prominent benefits of powerlifting gave below:

To Increase the Size of Muscles: In order to increase the size of muscles, prolonged heavy lifting is one of the best ways. Weight lifting not only allows increasing the size of muscles but can also increase your muscle strength. Volume training helps to build muscles while power lifting is good for increasing the mass as compared to the volume training. Powerlifting is not only beneficial for building desired muscle mass but it increases your strength and stamina.

To Burn Greater Calories: Have you ever noticed that only after one rep maximum, how power lifters are completely out of breath? This is because of the very heavy weight lifting, as these lifts are especially engaged with the leg muscles and can use an incredible amount of strength and lots of energy. These types of pieces of training are also beneficial for increasing the heart rate and, with the increase in heart rate you will be able to shred excess body fat and burn more calories. Similar to the aerobic exercises, lifting heavy weights can also cause an increase in metabolism, however, as compared with the aerobic exercises; the metabolism increased by heavy weight lifting lasts for longer. Your body will automatically turn up into a calorie-burning machine with the increase in your muscle mass, which in the end leads to a far better physique.

To Improve the Health of Bones: Powerlifting is not only beneficial to increase the size of muscles but it can also benefit you to improve the health of your bones. In whole body, if your bones are strong then you automatically feel active and the powerful bones also strengthen your body. Another important benefit of weight lifting is that it can be helpful to build stronger bones and this is the main reason why most of the powerlifters are having bones as strong as steel. If you are not doing power lifting with proper techniques then by lifting heavy weights can help combat symptoms of aging like joint problems as well as osteoporosis.

In order to get benefits from the training methods of powerlifting, you don’t have to be a powerlifting competitor. In your current lifting technique, start implanting the different techniques of powerlifting today and watch your body mass, the strength of your muscles and fitness, all are improving. You will see a rapid change in your physique after following the proper techniques of powerlifting.